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This site is updated and published irregularly with moving illustrations. Please check the following items carefully before using them.

Use of illustrations

The illustrations on this site can be used free of charge regardless of whether it is personal or commercial use. However, it is prohibited to distribute illustrations secondarily without obtaining permission from this site. The illustrations on this site can be freely edited as long as they are cropped, resized, or changed in color. For inquiries regarding other processing, please use the “Inquiry Form”.

Illustration format

This site has illustrations in animated GIF format. In addition, the backgrounds of all images are processed transparently.


We do not waive the copyright of the illustrations on this site. All illustrations of this site are owned by “UGOKAWA”. The illustrations on this site may be edited within the scope of the terms of this agreement, but the copyright of the illustration will not be transferred if you edit it.


This website assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by users as a result of using the text, images, or videos (including animated gifs) posted on here.

Privacy policy

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